N. Paola Gutierrez – Pro For a Day 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 2.43.57 PMOn November 4th , a news conference on Butte County took place to represent John
John Ybarra, a 28 year-old firefighter who saved many lives at the fire in Northern
California has been threaten to be deported because he is undocumented. Ybarra
might have to go back to a country that he does not consider home.
Ybarra claimed on his defense “America is my home, this is all I know, I grew up
here and haven’t been back to my parents home country since they brought me
here. Actually I don’t really know who my uncles and aunts are.” Ybarra claimed
that he does not remember how to speak Spanish, English is his language and
America is his home.
Pedro Martinez, who has worked at the non-profit organization Keep DACA Here for
10 years claimed “he is a true American citizen, he is a hero to the many people he
helped save in Northern California. “ Martinez claimed that we need DACA to stay
here, 70000 people will be effected by something like this.
Ybarra came to America with his parents when he was 5 years-old. He was unaware
that he was undocumented until he was a junior in high school. Ybarra claimed that
thanks to DACA and school teachers, he was encouraged and able to continue his
education. He obtained his degree at the center for fire research and outreach at UC
Berkeley. Ybarra is an educated young man that has worked hard for what he
considers to be his country.
Jasmine Grace, Ybarra’s lawyer claimed that this it is not only about Mr. Ybarra’s
situation but all the other people who are fighting to keep DACA.


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