Jaeneen Chung – Pro For a Day 2017

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BEFORE: Congressman King will present how to make America great again

DURING: Firefighter cries while revealing his identity as an undocumented citizen.

AFTER: Do you think every undocumented individual is a criminal?


John Ybarra, 28, a firefighter who battled the recent fires in Northern California, is a hero who may be sent back home to Jalisco, Mexico. Gathering at the Butte County, there was a news conference around 11:30 AM to discuss the controversy issue of DACA and those who are unfortunately affected, like Ybarra.

At the age of five, Ybarra came to San Francisco, CA with his parents without the knowledge that he was undocumented. Until high school, Ybarra was struck with the news that he was  undocumented after discovering the hidden truth of why he felt out of place. Thankfully to DACA, Ybarra was able to move past the tough news to create a new path of success and become a firefighter.

Jasmine Graves, Ybarra’s attorney, stood up to the press to voice the right of DACA individuals.

Numerous comments from the crowd were voiced.

Congressman, Robert King, representative of California, spoke his opinion on what he believes is best for America.

Speaking from a Republican view, he presented how undocumented Mexicans should not be allowed in the United States.

“I think it’s time for these dreamers to wake up,” he said.


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