Alan Cazares – Pro For a Day 2017

Alan Cazares




Statements from a lawyer and congressman were thrown at each other at Cooper College in San Diego earlier today related to a DACA recipient and his immigration status.

John Ybarra, a firefighter may be deported due to the threat of DACA by president Trump. Ybarra, arrived at the age of 5 to the U.S from Jalisco, Mexico with his parents. Ybarra went to UC Berkley and majored in fire management.

Ybarra realized he was an immigrant when he wanted to go to Washington D.C on a school trip but couldn’t go because his mom told him that he wasn’t born here and didn’t have the documents to travel.

Jasmine Grave, Ybarra’s attorney, held a press conference alongside with protest organizer Pedro Martinez to show her support in trying to keep Ybarra and more people like him in the country. Grave said,” This man is a hero and he may have to go back to a country that he doesn’t know, this is his home.”

Ybarra said America is his only home and has no knowledge of his country of origin. He said, “I’m a firefighter, it’s something I love doing, I love to help other people. America is my home.” A heckler then yelled out, “No its not. Go home.” And throughout the press conference.

Pedro Martinez, a community organizer, then showed his support for Ybarra and people like him, people who contribute to society. He said “Firefighters are true American citizens and he is a hero to so many people he helped saved up in northern California, this is why we need DACA to stay here. These are people who contribute to American society.” Both Graves and Martinez showed their favor for DACA and its recipients by not only wanting to protect Ybarra, but the 7000,000 plus DACA recipients who may be deported.

Graves then set the attention to their republican congressman, Robert King. King, is against DACA and hopes it will be terminated. He stated, “I think it’s time for you Dreamers to wake up, and wake up to reality.” King said that DACA is unconstitutional and also went on to blaming the parents of DACA recipients for breaking the law and bringing their children with them. The heckler identified as Willie Jones praised the words of congressman Robert King with chants and applause.

Graves then went onto saying, “You can see the need why we need to be out here and spreading this message for Mr. Ybarra and others in his situation. Clearly people like this so called congressman don’t understand what his constituents want.”

Both Ybarra’s attorney and congressman Robert King, went back and forth arguing about the issue. King kept blaming John Ybarra’s parents and himself for illegally arriving to the country and told the press that the Ybarra is not protected by the constitution. King also said that the only solution is to end the program because it’s unconstitutional.

Ybarra then gave a closing statement to a final question saying “America is my home and I don’t think Americans feel the way Mr. King does I do think this is a country that values compassion and hard work and this is what I know and this is what I was raised to believe in.”

After the conference both the congressman and Willie Jones, the heckler, were seen together praising each other for their views on DACA. Meanwhile John Ybarra and his attorney Jasmine Graves answered questions about his future and the programs future.  



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