Cameras flashed as Purvis Donnelson briefly collapsed

Mock News Story

By Veronica Cruz, Pro for a Day

Cameras flashed as Purvis Donnelson briefly collapsed on the ground during a press conference earlier today.

Donnelson, who according to his family attorney suffers from heart disease, was speaking against the alleged mishandling of his son’s arrest by campus police.

“My son was treated like a thug,” he said.

Jason Donnelson, an African-American freshman track star and straight a student at Rudlin State University, was detained on Nov. 1 at 10:00 pm after an unidentified student reported a possible breaking and entering into a neighboring dorm.

According to Chief Carter of Campus Police, Donnelson had gone out along with a group of fellow freshmen for drinks at local Turn Up nightclub.

Donnelson then left the club to return to his dorm room where he realized he did not have his key or school id. It was then that campus police received a call of a possible breaking and entering when Donnelson tried to break into his own dorm.

According to Carter, when the officer arrived Donnelson’s behavior was belligerent as he said the dorm room belong to him.  After being arrested police found Jason’s blood alcohol level to be twice the legal limit.

Donnelson’s family refutes these claims.

“That’s a lie,” exclaimed Purvis Donnelson.

Jason Donnelson had claimed he had only one drink before returning to his dorm and that campus police questioned him but refused to listen to him.

“I kept trying to tell them that I wake up at five am everyday to represent this school as they tried to restrain me and pin me to the ground,” he said.

In question as to why Donnelson resisted he said, “I’m just tired of seeing people who look just like me keep getting discriminated against.”

An unnamed white officer held Donnelson down with a knee to his lower back, something Donnelson says is a big risk to his sports career.

“My dad has worked his whole life to get me in this school,” he said. “If I can’t run I can’t get my education.”

The room was also filled with Black Lives Matter Activists who throughout the press conference shouted “justice for Jason” along with “black lives matter” chants.

“We are good black people,” said Purvis Donnelson. “Our son should not be behind bars.”

Black Lives Matter activist Marion Michelle Jenkins attended the conference in defense of Donnelson.

“These things happen all the time, especially in this campus,” she said. “ This is injustice and this cannot stand.”

Jenkins said they would disrupt classes if necessary in hopes of spreading a message that “does not go down easy.”

Campus police has issued an apology to the Donnelson family for the misunderstanding and has stated that the school president stands behind the campus police’s actions.

Donnelson’s parents threatened to sue the university for discrimination and mental anguish. Possibly posing a threat to Jason Donnelson’s sports scholarship and career.

“It’s outrageous that the university would treat him like this,” said Laura Allred who is the Donnelson’s attorney.

The parents have received no personal statements from the university administrators so far.





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