Jason Donnelson Press Conference (Solis)

Mock News Story

By Thomas Solis, Pro For a Day

The parents of a student at Rudland State University are filing a lawsuit against the school for the arrest of their son outside of his dorm the night before.

The family held a press conference to announce their lawsuit.  The conference brought press and protesters alike, and ended with the father suddenly collapsing onto the floor in front of the campus crowd.

Jacob Donnelson, a black student at Rudland State University was arrested outside of his dorm by seven white police officers after being suspected of breaking into somebody’s dorm. They did have firearms pointed at Donnelson as they aggressively took him to the ground while one officer had his knee in his lower back.

Members of Donnelson’s family as well as other activists came to the press conference to protest Jason’s arrest. They believe that this arrest may have been racially motivated.

“We brought Jason to this school to get an education, not to be treated like a common criminal,” said Pervis Donnelson, Jacob’s father, “My son was treated like a thug. Like an animal.”

Jacob’s mother Pamela Donnelson also spoke on her son’s arrest.

“You would not do this to a white person,” said Pamela, “I am convinced of it.”

Jason said that on the night of his arrest he was coming home from a nightclub after partying with his teammates on the track team. He said that he left his keys and ID at the nightclub with his roommate and that was why he needed to break into his own dorm.

“I was just trying to get my work done,” Jason said, “ I tried telling the officers that I was on the team and that it was my room but they do not want to listen. I wake up at five in the morning everyday to run for this school and they just want to put me down. I am tired of seeing people who look like me be discriminated against just because of how they look. I am tired of it.”

Activist Marion Michelle Jenkins interrupted Donnelson during his interview as she took the podium. Jenkins said she has been an active member of the Black Lives Matter movement and claimed that she would rally up people to protest on the campus this Saturday as well as protesting outside of the campus.

“We are going to march in the streets,” said Jenkins, “We are going to march in the hallways. We are going to disrupt classrooms if we have to. How are students supposed to get a decent education when they cannot feel safe on campus?”

Chief Carter Cheef, the black police chief at Rudland state gave the full police report on Donnelson’s arrest.  Chief Cheef said that Donnelson’s blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit, although Jacob claimed to only have one drink that night.

“Donnelson was acting extremely belligerent, forcing us to arrest and detain him,” said Chief Cheef, “We have apologized for what happened and for the misunderstanding.” and says that the school president supports the Officer’s arrest.

Chief Cheef was answering questions when Pervis Donnelson collapsed in front of the crowd.  Pervis remained on the floor for a few minutes before getting back up and did not require medical attention. The Donnelson’s lawyer said that Pervis has had congestive heart failure but that does not seem to be the cause of his collapse.

The Rudland campus police department has yet to release the name of the arresting officer of Rudland. Jenkins’ protest is this Saturday in support of Jacob Donnelson.


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