Jason Donnelson Press Conference (Navarro)

Mock News Story

By Josh Navarro, Pro For a Day

A plague upon Rudlin University’s house as a racially charged crime finds itself on campus.

Student track athlete Jason Donnelson, 21, was detained and arrested for attempting to break into a dorm room in Ratchet Hall on November 1 at 10:00 PM.

The room was identified as Donnelson’s, who had reportedly forgotten his keys and identification at the Turn-Up Club.

Campus police chief Carter Cheef said an unknown student from Basic Hall reported an attempted break in to campus police, mistaking Donnelson as someone breaking into a dorm room.

“A small group of college freshmen decided to have a night out (at Turn Club),” he said. “Jason decided to leave the club and return to his room in Ratchet Hall to finish up his assignment. When he arrived, he realized his roommate, who left the club, had the key to his room and his I.D. as well. Another student saw Jason trying to get into his room and assumed he was trying to get into the room illegally and called campus police.”

Cheef said Donnelson’s alcohol blood level was twice the legal limit.

Laura Allred, Donnelson’s attorney, said he was treated like a criminal.

“It’s just outrageous that a university would treat (Donnelson) like this,” she said. “When campus police arrived, they questioned him and he assured them this was his own room. When he couldn’t produce proof it was his room, they tried to detain him. He resisted and they arrested him.”

Allred said the Donnelson family will be filing a claim to the courthouse.

Jason’s father, Purvis Donnelson, said his son was treated by campus police like a thug.

“Our son should not be behind bars,” he said. “When a phone rings at the middle of the night, a parent worries. What’s going on? What happened to my child? My child was arrested. Straight A’s, track stars, athlete. Top of his class. And he’s in jail with pimps and drug dealers? Oh, hell no. We are going to take this school down. No one should be treated this way.”

Purvis Donnelson collapsed from a heart attack in the middle of the press conference. He is currently recovering at a hospital.

Jason Donnelson said he tried to diffuse the situation with the campus police, who were unwilling to listen to him.

“(The police) kept asking me why I was here, why I was trespassing, why I had no I.D.,” he said. “I keep trying to tell them that I’m on (the track team), that I wake up at 5 A.M. every day to work for this school, to represent this school, and they just want to restrain me and pin me to the ground. I’m just tired of seeing people who look just like me get discriminated. I’m tired of it. So of course I’m going to fight back, I’m angry.”

Campus police chief Carter Cheef said the police force anticipates protests to follow after Donnelson’s arrest and said they will supply the resources to protest.


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