Donnelson Press Conference (Rubio)

Mock News Story

By Carolina Rubio, Pro for A Day

The Donnelson family is suing Rudlin State University on basis of racial discrimination after their African-American son, Jason Donnelson, was detained by campus police last week.

According to Donnelson, on Nov. 1 at 10:00 p.m., after drinking with his friends, the student-athlete took an Uber to Ratchet Hall, dormitory on campus. Noticing he had left his keys and identification at the bar, he decided to break into his room through the window. People on his floor saw and verbally confirmed Donnelson resided at the dorms, yet police officers pinned him down with a knee to his back before detaining him.

Lawyer Laura Allreds seeks to sue on basis of racial discrimination claiming Donnelson has suffered physical damages and mental anguish.

Chief Police Officer Chief Carter Cheef publicly apologized on behalf of the police department for the physical aggression towards Donnelson. Yet, he explained the detainment was primarily due to the student’s behavior

“His blood alcohol level was twice the legal level, he was acting extremely belligerent,” he said.

Being a student-athlete, Donnelson said pain in his lower back from the detention is concerning and could potentially retract his scholarship if he’s unable to run.

“I’m under the influence of racism, I’m under the influence of discrimination, I’m under the influence of false accusation,” Donnleson said in response to the officer’s claims.

Purvis Donnelson, father, suffered a heart attack during the press conference due to supposed stress and agitation.

“They arrested him like he was an animal,” he said. “He wants an education like anyone else. He should not be treated like a thug. My son was treated like a thug!”

Black Lives Matter activist Marion Michelle Jenkins claims that although blacks are 20 percent of the student body, Rudlin University has a recurring issue with exaggerated detainment of African-Americans.

“People don’t know how to act on this campus, and it is time to change that,” she said.

Mother Pamela Donnelson added to Jenkins’ angle on her son’s situation.

“There is no reason on God’s green earth, on this day and age, why he should not be allowed to go into own dorm room,” she said. “This is not right, I don’t appreciate it, and something has to be done.”

Jenkins she is organizing a prospective march on the Rudlind campus this Saturday to raise awareness of racial discrimination through the Black Lives Matter movement. She described the eminent protest as peaceful, yet said they would not restrain from being disruptive due to the lack of activism on behalf of administration.

“[Police] would not have done this to a white student, I am sure of it,” Mrs. Donnelson said. “And just because of the color of my son’s skin, suddenly he is suspect of not belonging where any student in this country belongs.”


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