Black student detained on Rudlin State Campus, protests to follow

Mock News Story

By Elizabeth Farin, Pro For a Day

A black student from Rudlin State University was detained after he was accused of breaking into his own dorm, which stirred the racial tension that grew at the press conference today.

Protests are to follow on campus led by members of the Black Lives Matter movement to bring awareness of the alleged mistreatment of student Jason Donnelson.

Student Donnelson said he and several friends were out at a local club celebrating after a game. Donnelson left the club where he then took an Uber back to campus.

Once Donnelson arrived on campus, he said he left his dorm key and identification with his friend at the club. Donnelson had to force his way into his dorm room.

When campus police arrived at the dorm, Donnelson said they tackled him to the ground where they aggressively pushed their knee into Donnelson’s lower back to keep him down.

Chief Carter Cheef said Jason Donnelson’s blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. He said the officer who detained Jason Donnelson was white.

At the press conference parents of Jason, Purvis and Pamela Donnelson arrived in an emotional state.

Purvis Donnelson said the university was wrong for what they did to their son.

“This school sucks,” Purvis Donnelson said.

Purvis Donnelson said he and his wife Pamela wanted give their son the education he deserves. He said the school was wrong to allow this happen to his son Jason.

“Oh hell no!” said Purvis Donnelson. “We are gonna take this school down.”

Father of Jason, Purvis Donnelson allegedly passed out toward the end of the press conference.

After moments of chaos, Purvis Donnelson abruptly awoke and rose to his feet saying he was alright.

Several protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement arrived at the scene in defense for Jason and Donnelson family chanting, “Justice for Jason!”

Jason said he was tired of seeing black people being treated unfairly on campus.

Activist Marion Michelle Jenkins said she and other protesters plan to have a rally on saturday.

“We just want justice,” she said.


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