Black Rudlin Student Seeks Damages Following Police Incident

Mock News Story

By Brian del Carmen, Pro For a Day

November 5, 2016

A black Rudlin State University student announced today his intention of filing a $5 million claim for damages against the university.

At a press conference, Jason Donnelson, through his lawyer, said he is seeking damages for “discrimination” and “mental anguish.” The filing is related to an incident that occurred on Nov. 1 at Ratchet Hall, a dormitory on campus, where campus police, responding to a report of criminal activity, forcefully detained Donnelson.

According to campus police, at 10 p.m. officers confronted Donnelson for what they perceived to be an attempted breaking and entering. Soon afterward officers detained Donnelson by force, restraining him with a knee to his back. Following what campus police called the “unfortunate misunderstanding,” Donnelson was released.

To date, no charges have been filed against Donnelson by the Rudlin State University Police Department.

According to Donnelson, he had been out celebrating with his teammates on the track team and returned home to finish some schoolwork. When he arrived at his room he realized that he had neither his keys nor his wallet and that his phone was dead, he said. His wallet and keys were with Kanye Yezzus, his roommate. Having no other choice he then attempted to break into his own room through a window, Donnelson said.

Rudlin State University Police Department Police Chief Carter Cheff said, in a statement made during the press conference, that Donnelson’s blood alcohol level, as an underage freshman during the time of the incident, was double the legal limit. Donnelson, a transfer student from the School of Hard Knocks, is 21.

As Carter was speaking, Purvis Donnelson, Jason’s father, collapsed behind the podium as protesters continued chants of “Black Lives Matter” and “Justice for Jason.” Attendees to the press conference, who included media and Black Lives Matter protesters, converged upon Purvis Donnelson. Broadcast media continued to record the events, jockeying to get better angles.

Then, as suddenly as he had fallen, Donnelson popped up, saying, “I’m cool,” before being escorted away by his wife Pamela. Both Jason and Pamela Donnelson were available for questions from the media immediately following the press conference despite Purvis Donnelson’s perceived medical distress.   

Lessly Gibson, a Rudlin State student who also lives in Ratchet Hall and attended the event, said that he was not surprised something like the detention of Jason Donnelson happened on campus.

“It’s discrimination,” said Gibson. “People assumed the worst because of the color of his skin.”

Gibson and other community organizers are planning an on-campus protest at Ruldin next Saturday in support of Donnelson and to raise awareness of racial injustice in the community.


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