Family Claims Injustice at Rudlin State

Mock News Story

By Michael McDonald, Pro For a Day

A racial controversy has struck Rudlin State University over the apparent mistreatment of a black student athlete by campus police. The Doneldson family held a press conference to express their anger over what they see as racial injustice suffered by their son, student Jason Doneldson

Attorney Laura Allred, who is representing the family, said that today they are filing a five million dollar lawsuit against the university claiming “discrimination” and “mental anguish.”

“This is a grave injustice,” she said.

“They treated him like a thug,” Jason’s father, Purvis Doneldson said.

Around 10 p.m. on Nov. 1 campus police received a report of a break in. Jason Doneldson was found attempting to climb into a dorm room window. Campus police detained him, and brought him to jail. The family feels the reason he was jailed is because he is black.

“He’s a straight A student, he’s a track star, and he’s in jail with pimps and drug dealers,” Purvis said. “My son wants an education. He does not deserve to be treated like an animal.”

Jason Doneldson said that he and his teammates had gone to Turn Up nightclub to celebrate after a track meet. When he returned to his dorm he realized his roommate had his keys, and his phone was dead. He tried to climb in through his window, that he said he sometimes leaves unlocked.

He said that campus police would not listen to him that it was his own room. They pointed tasers at him, and dug their knees into his back.

“I’m tired of seeing people who look just like me being discriminated against,” he said. “I’m just looking for justice.”

Campus police chief Carter Cheef said that Doneldson’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, and that he was acting extremely biligerent when approached. After being detained, Doneldson was released without charges.

“It was a misunderstanding. There is an ongoing investigation into police actions,” he said. “The campus president stands by the campus police department.”

Tensions were high throughout the press conference. Protesters chanted “black lives matter,” and “justice for Jason.” Purvis Doneldson even collapsed, and received CPR for an apparent heart attack. He rose, and needed no more treatment.

Activist Marion Michelle Jenkins joined the family, and is organizing a protest for this Saturday at noon.

“We’re going to march in these streets, march on this campus. Disrupt classes if we have to,” she said. “Peaceful means no violence. It does not mean we are not going to agitate people.”


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