Resignation Ends in a Lunge

By Mariah Boyd

Stephens University President Jayre McClellan resigned Saturday, but not before physically attacking a student, while screaming, “You cost me my job.”

President resigned amid accusations that he failed to address series of racial events on campus.

Nov 13. Theta Gamma Alpha fraternity threw a ‘Pimps and Hoes’ party where there was a noose hanging on the tree outside. A member from the “Concerned Students 1738” happen to have crossed the path of the party where he seen the noose hanging from the tree. Parker Westin, President of the Concerned Students, went and informed McClellan about this party with the noose hanging from the tree and was told by the President that he had already known about the party and that

“ I believe in free speech, they said it was a fundraiser for their organization,” said McClellan, “ They were just college kids just having fun.”

With no resolution, other then a memo being sent out to the school saying

“This won’t be tolerated”

Westin then took matter into his own hand by getting other students involved, by having sit ins at the school and doing hunger strikes as well.

Which then turned, into faculty being involved for example Head Coach Jym Jahnson, weighed in his opinions on this matter saying

“I stand behind my players, whole Heartedly I’ve been the head coach here for ten years, I couldn’t be more proud of these group of players for standing up in what they believe in.”


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