Willie Beaman Accused of Physical Abuse

By Nicholas Baltz

Debra Stephens Community College star Willie Beaman is under police investigation after two students accused him of physical abuse.

Ex-girlfriends Shana Davis and Alyshia Holmes filed charges against the college and the highly recruited sophomore.

Beaman said that all of the accusations were false.

Davis said there is video evidence of Beaman striking Davis to the ground, though there are no known criminal charges.

Holmes, a girlfriend for 18 months, said that Beaman stalked her on campus.

“The school did nothing, I felt betrayed,” she said. “Domestic violence is nothing to sweep under the rug.”

Attorney for Davis and Holmes, Trayvonè Goodluck said this is about the victims.

“This is something that will live with them for the rest of their lives,” he said. “It’s about justice.”

Beaman, with support from his mother Barbara Lewis, said they were starting a new foundation, Willie’s Women, to help people who have experienced domestic violence.

Beaman focused on his future, but said his college and professional prospects have already been damaged by these accusations.



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