Official Community College Statement – In the case of the rumors surrounding student Willie Beaman

Mirella Lopez
Associate Communications Officer

1 November 2014

Chula Vista, California

Debra Stephens Community College has taken the proper steps to ensure the safety of the students here on campus after two students accused our star running back of battery.

Today at a press conference, our school officials spoke about the situation at hand and how we will address the issue.

“We take security of our students very seriously,” said Dean Beverlie Whyte.

We at the school are in the midst of legal procedures regarding the statements of students Shana Davis and Alysha Holms who are accusing football player Willie Beaman of physical abuse. The students claim that staff at the school failed to take the proper steps in protecting the students in question.

We would like to say that these allegations are being taken seriously. When the situation has resolved, we will ensure that the proper measures are taken to make each student in this case feel protected and safe. Our school is currently monitoring the situation, and we will not make any other statements in regards to the pending litigation.

The goal of this administration is to provide an education that will help our students excel in the work force, while giving the students a safe learning environment.

For more information, press only:
Booker T. Crenshaw Jr.

(619) 818-2799


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