Football Player Charged with Battery and Community College Faces Negligent Lawsuit

by Jonathan Pickett

Two female students at Debra Stephens Community College recently made allegations claiming their former boyfriend, star running back Willie Beaman, physically abused them.

Trayvoné Goodluck, the attorney representing the students, filed a lawsuit today on behalf of the women to get the ball rolling on the situation.

According to Goodluck, the purpose of the lawsuit isn’t to get money, it’s to seek justice. “This man has a history of hurting women and our priority is to make him pay for what he did so these women can have some closure,” he said.

Beaman, who is a second-year communications major, is claiming these allegations are false and stem from their unhappiness about him choosing to focus on football.

The school is also facing a negligence lawsuit for refusing to properly deal with the situation in a timely manner. According to Alecia Holmes, Beaman’s former girlfriend, she was stalked and harassed after ending the 18-month relationship.

“I personally felt victimized so I talked to my school counselor and the school did nothing,” she said. “I feel embarrassed and betrayed by my own school.”

School administrator Beverlie Whyte claimed that the school only recently became aware of the situation and insisted that an investigation is underway.

“I want to reiterate that this is a safe campus and that our number one priority is our students’ safety,” said Whyte.

Beamen’s other former girlfriend, Shana Davis, also claimed her call for help was ignored. After the first acts of violence against her, Davis went to her professor but when her professor told the school, the school didn’t do anything. Soon after, a video surfaced that captured Beamen slapping Davis at a fraternity party. It was after this situation that Davis decided to end the relationship.

Beamen claimed that he did not physically abuse the women, despite the video evidence. He said the video is misleading and does not offer the full context of the situation. However, when asked to elaborate on the situation, he refused to comment.

Davis and Holmes both claimed their respective relationships with the football player started out great. “He was such a kind and loving gentlemen in the beginning,” said Holmes. “Two weeks in, it changed when he slapped me. Even though he apologized, that was when I knew I needed to tell someone.”

After Holmes didn’t want to go to the police, so she decided to contact Davis. Shortly thereafter, they decided to come out to the public.

“It’s so important that everyone knows what happened,” said Holmes. “If we stayed quiet, his behavior might have progressed and we can’t let that happen to anyone else.” The women want Beamen dropped from the football team along with the charges against the school.

The football player’s mother Barbra Lewis is supporting her son in the case.

“My son is a God-fearing man and has never shown any signs of abnormal anger,” claimed Lewis. “Now these women are making accusations and hurting my son’s chances at a football career.”

Lewis and her son have recently started a foundation for women who have been abused.

They want to provide support for victims of abuse and help them take their situations and turn them into something positive.

Lewis pleaded with the public to give her son a fair chance.

“I just hope you all can look at my son in an objective light and see him for the amazing young man he is,” she said.


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